Consular Services

The list of documents for the applicants for obtaining a national visa of the Republic of Cyprus in the Republic of Kazakhstan:

  1. A passport valid for at least another 3 months after the expiration of the visa. The travel document must be issued within the last ten years.
  2. Application form for a visa in English with the personal signature of the applicant.
  3. VISA TABLE, filled in English according to the sample, must be sent to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. the day before the request.
  4. Color photo 3,5x4,5 (photo must be pasted on the application).
  5. Copy of the main page of the passport.
  6. Proof of employment (with salary information) or Pension certification for pensioners.
  7. Confirmation of the availability of funds (certificate from the bank or confirmation of sponsorship - a notarized letter of guarantee from the sponsor).
  8. Confirmation of booking a hotel, on a hotel form, stamped and signed by the hotel manager (tourists must be registered in this reservation) / copy of the contract for the purchase of real estate in Cyprus (+ original document) / copy of ownership certificate (+ original document).
  9. Air ticket / ticket reservation confirmation.
  10. Confirmation of the intention to return O/R (for example, a bank account / credit card statement for at least three previous months, confirmation of the availability of real estate in the Republic of Kazakhstan).

► In the case of an invitation to Cyprus, the following is added to the main list of documents:

  1. The original or a copy of the Assumption of responsibility for hosting, with a certified signature of the inviting person.
  2. A copy of the passport or ID card of the inviting person.
  3. Bank guarantee stamped by the Migration Department (at the request of the Consulate).

- If the applicant is invited by a person who is not a citizen of the Republic of Cyprus, you must also provide proof of the fact that the person is legally residing in Cyprus (for example, a copy of residence permit / copy of the property purchase contract in Cyprus / copy of the property certificate, etc. d.)

- If the applicant is invited by the company and travels to Cyprus for business purposes, in addition to the standard invitation “Assumption of responsibility for hosting”, you must provide a letter - invitation from the company, which should contain the following information:

About the applicant: name and surname, date of birth, passport number, period and purpose of the trip,

About the inviting company: the full name, address, and the name, surname and position of the person who signed the request.

► For minors, the following is added to the main list of documents:

  1. Copy of birth certificate (you should have original document with you)
  2. Consent of the parent or legal guardian is required if the minor travels alone, accompanied by third parties or accompanied by one of the parents. The exception is when the parent with whom the minor travels has all parental rights (i.e., in cases where the other parent has died or is deprived of parental rights, it is necessary, for example, to present the death certificate of the second parent or a court decision transferring parental custody solely the parent who signs the statement).
  3. A copy of the current visa / pro-visa of the parent (s) or accompanying person traveling with the minor for whom the visa was not requested at the same time.

- If a minor is entered in the parent's passport, then it is necessary in the main package of documents of the parent:

  1. Provide a copy of the passport page containing information about the child;
  2. Stick a photo of the child next to the photo of the parent on the application;

► The application is submitted personally by the applicant or through accredited travel agencies listed at the bottom of the page.

► The visa fee for a single-entry visa is € 20, double and multiple € 60. Payment is in euros. If you revoke your visa application or a visa was denied, the visa fee is not refundable. If the application was submitted for multiple entries, but issued for a single-entry, the difference in visa fees is not refundable.

► The consideration of the application is 15 working days.

► All documents in Russian or Kazakh must be provided with an English translation with the seal and signature of the translator.

►If you do not attach the original documents, copies must be notarized.

► The consulate has the right to request additional information from the applicant (birth certificate, marriage certificate, etc.), if it deems it necessary. In addition, the applicant may be invited to the consulate for an interview.

It is necessary to register in advance for submission of documents by phone +7 (7172) 25-39-52

You can apply for a visa maximum 1 month before the expected travel.

Accredited travel companies in the Honorary Consulate of the Republic of Cyprus

1. Nurai &Co

► Astana tel. +7 701 783 52 54,

► Аlmaty, tel. +7 701 363 90 18,

► Аlmaty tel. +7 701 430 30 06,

Web site: www.nurai.kz

2. It travel+

► Almaty: tel.: +7 727 355 05 05 fax: +7 727 355 05 13 Тел.: +7 727 355 05 10

► Astana:tel./fax: +7 7172 47 60 07

► Atyrau:tel: +7 7122 71 61 62, 71 61 63 fax: +7 7122 71 61 60

► Aktau: tel.: +7 7292 53 21 01, 53 21 02 fax: +7 7292 53 21 03

► Aktobe: tel.: +7 (7132) 90 76 01 fax: +7 (7132) 55 68 00

3. Лавка странствий

► Kostanay, tel: +7 (7142) 533 533, +7 707 9 533 533

► Rudniy, tel: +7 (7143)14-89-46

► Almaty, tel.: +7 (7272) 61-67-37 , +7 (7272) 72-23-58

► Astana, tel.: +7 (7172) 96-82-82, +7 707-96-82-82-07 ; +7 (7172) 96-82-82, +7 707-66-888-73 + 7 (7172) 475-900, 475-950, +7 747-5020-999

4. Intourist

► Almaty +7(727)346-80-82

► Astana +7(7172) 27-98-11

► Karagandy +7(7212) 50-50-11


► Almaty +7 (727) 325-77-77, +7 (747) 321-59-13

► Astana +7 (7172) 47-67-67 , +7 (771) 040-92-00

► Web site: www.mzt.kz

Certification of authenticity of signature
The person concerned must come to the Consulate in person and sign the document in the presence of a consular officer. The person must produce a proof of his/her identity (foreign passport). Consular fee ranges from 2 to 7 euros per signature, as the case may be.

Cypriot citizenship is issued in Russian Federation, Moscow, Embassy of the Republic of Cyprus.http://www.mfa.gov.cy/mfa/Embassies/embassy_moscow.nsf/All/CDA3012D196CF0ADC2257E5A002C1D88?OpenDocument

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